Graduate Seminar on Numerical Simulation:
Shape spaces and shape representations

The course will be given by Dr. Behrend Heeren.

The seminar will take place on Tuesday, 16th and Wednesday 17th of January full-time in room 2.040.

Topic Paper Speaker
CurvesMichor and Mumford, 2006 Miguel
Images Berkels, Effland, Rumpf, 2015 Fedor
Solid bodies Fuchs et al., 2009 Paul
Measures Benamou and Brenier, 2000 Pablo
Geodesic calculusRumpf and Wirth, 2015 Matthias
Statistics Rumf and Wirth, 2011 Karen
Splines Trouve and Vialard, 2012 Lisa
Regression Fletcher, 2013 Nicholas