Selected Topics in Science and Technology:
Geometry Processing and Discrete Shells

The course will be given by Dr. Behrend Heeren.

Where/When: Tu 12.00-14.30 and Th 12.00-14.30, Room N0.003, starting on June, 13th!



You can find more information here.

Script and further references

A scan of my handwritten notes is available here, a more detailed presentation can be found here (last update: July 26th).

So far, the course builds on the following references (which are also cited in the notes):


The oral exam takes 30 minutes, you can choose a topic to start with.
Here you can find a list of guiding questions for the exam as well as some examples of suitable topics to start with.
The content of the exam is based on the lecture and my handwritten notes - the detailed latex notes are thought to be additional information.
In particular, sections and paragraphs with a star (*) have not been discussed in class (and are not required in the exam!).

DateTimeRoomReg. number (last 3 digits)
Wed Sep 6th11:00Z2.069 *287
Wed Sep 6th11:45Z2.069 *651

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