author = {Robert Strzodka and Alexandru Telea},
  title = {Generalized Distance Transforms and Skeletons in Graphics Hardware},
  booktitle = {Proceedings of EG/IEEE TCVG Symposium on Visualization VisSym '04},
  year = {2004},
  pages = {221--230},
  abstract = {We present a framework for computing generalized distance transforms
	and skeletons of two-dimensional objects using graphics hardware.
	Our method is based on the concept of footprint splatting. Combining
	different splats produces weighted distance transforms for different
	metrics, as well as the corresponding skeletons and Voronoi diagrams.
	We present a hierarchical acceleration scheme and a subdivision scheme
	that allows visualizing the computed skeletons with subpixel accuracy
	in real time. Our splatting approach allows one to easily change
	all the metric parameters, treat any 2D boundaries, and easily produce
	both DTs and skeletons. We illustrate the method by several examples.},
  html = {}