author = {Strzodka, R. and Garbe, C.},
  title = {Real-Time Motion Estimation and Visualization on Graphics Cards},
  booktitle = {Proceedings Visualization Conference 2004},
  year = {2004},
  pages = {545--552},
  abstract = {We present a tool for real-time visualization of motion features in
	2D image sequences. The motion is estimated through an eigenvector
	analysis of the spatiotemporal structure tensor at every pixel location.
	This approach is computationally demanding but allows reliable velocity
	estimates as well as quality indicators for the obtained results.
	We use a 2D color map and a region of interest selector for the visualization
	of the velocities. On the selected velocities we apply a hierarchical
	smoothing scheme which allows the choice of the desired scale of
	the motion field. We demonstrate several examples of test sequences
	in which some persons are moving with different velocities than others.
	These persons are visually marked in the real-time display of the
	image sequence. The tool is also applied to angiography sequences
	to emphasize the blood flow and its distribution. An efficient processing
	of the data streams is achieved by mapping the operations onto the
	stream architecture of standard graphics cards. The card receives
	the images and performs both the motion estimation and visualization,
	taking advantage of the parallelism in the graphics processor and
	the superior memory bandwidth. The integration of data processing
	and visualization also saves on unnecessary data transfers and thus
	allows the real-time analysis of 320x240 images. We expect that on
	the upcoming generation of graphics hardware our tool will run in
	real time for the standard VGA format.},
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