author = {Schwen, Lars Ole and Preusser, Tobias and Rumpf, Martin},
  title = {Composite Finite Elements for 3{D} Elasticity with Discontinuous
  booktitle = {16th Workshop on the Finite Element Method in Biomedical Engineering,
	Biomechanics and Related Fields},
  year = {2009},
  organization = {University of Ulm},
  note = {to appear},
  abstract = {For the numerical simulation in continuum mechanics the Composite
	Finite Element (CFE) method allows an effective treatment of problems
	where material parameters are discontinuous across geometrically
	complicated interfaces. Instead of complicated and computationally
	expensive tetrahedral meshing, specialized CFE basis functions are
	constructed on a uniform hexahedral grid. This is a convenient approach
	in practice because frequently in biomechanics geometric interfaces
	are described via 3D image data given as voxel data on a regular
	grid. Then, for a particular coupling condition that depends on an
	underlying physical conservation law and the local geometry of the
	interface, one constructs CFE basis functions that are capable of
	representing functions satisfying this coupling condition. In this
	paper we present in detail this construction for heat conduction
	and linear elasticity as scalar and vector-valued model problems.
	Furthermore, we show first numerical results.},
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