author = {Strzodka, R. and Rumpf, M.},
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  pages = {1103--1106},
  abstract = {Implicit active contours are a very flexible technique in the segmentation
	of digital images. A novel type of hardware implementation is presented
	here to approach real time applications. We propose to exploit the
	high performance of modern graphics cards for numerical computations.
	Vectors are regarded as images and linear algebraic operations on
	vectors are realized by the graphics operations of image blending.
	Thus, the performance benefits from the high memory bandwidth and
	the economy of command transfers, while the restricted precision
	does not infect the qualitative behavior of the level set propagation.
	Here we pick up a first order solver for the basic implicit level
	set model and present an implementation performing at 2ms for an
	explicit timestep on a 128x128 image.},
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