author = {M. Rumpf and R. Strzodka},
  title = {Nonlinear Diffusion in Graphics Hardware},
  booktitle = {Eurographics/IEEE TCVG Symposium on Visualization},
  year = {2001},
  pages = {75--84},
  abstract = {Multiscale methods have proved to be successful tools in image denoising,
	edge enhancement and shape recovery. They are based on the numerical
	solution of a nonlinear diffusion problem where a noisy or damaged
	image which has to be smoothed or restorated is considered as initial
	data. Here a novel approach is presented which will soon be capable
	to ensure real time performance of these methods. It is based on
	an implementation of a corresponding finite element scheme in texture
	hardware of modern graphics engines. The method regards vectors as
	textures and represents linear algebra operations as texture processing
	operations. Thus, the resulting performance can profit from the superior
	bandwidth and the build in parallelism of the graphics hardware.
	Here the concept of this approach is introduced and perspectives
	are outlined picking up the basic Perona Malik model on 2D images.},
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