author = {Preu{\ss}er, T. and Rumpf, M.},
  title = {A Level Set Method for Anisotropic geometric diffusion in 3{D} image
  journal = {SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics},
  year = {2002},
  volume = {62},
  pages = {1772--1793},
  number = {5},
  abstract = {A new morphological multiscale method in 3D image processing is presented
	which combines the image processing methodology based on nonlinear
	diffusion equations and the theory of geometric evolution problems.
	Its aim is to smooth level sets of a 3D image while simultaneously
	preserving geometric features such as edges and corners on the level
	sets. This is obtained by an anisotropic curvature evolution, where
	time serves as the multiscale parameter. Thereby the diffusion tensor
	depends on a regularized shape operator of the evolving level sets.
	As one suitable regularization local $L^2$ projection onto quadratic
	polynomials is considered. The method is compared to a related parametric
	surface approach and a geometric interpretation of the evolution
	and its invariance properties are given. A spatial finite element
	discretization on hexahedral meshes and a semi-implicit, regularized
	backward Euler discretization in time are the building blocks of
	the easy to code algorithm. Different applications underline the
	efficiency and flexibility of the presented image processing tool.},
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