author = {Griebel, M. and Preu{\ss}er, T. and Rumpf, M. and Schweitzer, A.
	and Telea, A.},
  title = {Flow Field Clustering via Algebraic Multigrid},
  booktitle = {Visualization},
  year = {2004},
  publisher = {IEEE CS Press},
  abstract = {A novel multiscale approach for flow visualization is presented. We
	define a local alignment tensor that encodes a measure for alignment
	to the direction of a given flow field. These tensors induce an anisotropic
	differential operator on the flow domain, which is discretized with
	a standard finite element technique. The entries of the corresponding
	stiffness matrix represent the anisotropically weighted couplings
	of adjacent nodes of the domain's meshing. We use an algebraic multigrid
	algorithm to generate a hierarchy of descriptions for the above coupling
	data, ranging from fine to coarse representations of the initial
	finest coupling. This hierarchy comes along with a corresponding
	multiscale of basis functions and domains, yielding a multilevel
	decomposition of the flow structure. Finally, we use standard streamline
	icons to visualize this decomposition at any user-selected level
	of detail. The method provides a single framework for vector field
	decomposition independent on the domain dimension or mesh type. Applications
	are shown in 2D, for flow fields on curved surfaces, and in 3D.},
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