author = {B{\"{u}}rkle, D. and Preu{\ss}er, T. and Rumpf, M.},
  title = {Transport and Anisotropic Diffusion in Time-Dependent Flow Visualization},
  booktitle = {Visualization},
  year = {2001},
  abstract = {The visualization of time-dependent flow is an important and challenging
	topic in scientific visualization. Its aim is to represent transport
	phenomena governed by time-dependent vector fields in an intuitively
	understandable way, using images and animations. Here we pick up
	the recently presented anisotropic diffusion method, expand and generalize
	it to allow a multiscale visualization of long-time, complex transport
	problems. Instead of streamline type patterns generated by the original
	method now streakline patterns are generated and advected. This process
	obeys a nonlinear transport diffusion equation with typically dominant
	transport. Starting from some noisy initial image, the diffusion
	actually generates and enhances patterns which are then transported
	in the direction of the flow field. Simultaneously the image is again
	sharpened in the direction orthogonal to the flow field. A careful
	adjustment of the model\'s parameters is derived to balance diffusion
	and transport effects in a reasonable way. Properties of the method
	can be discussed for the continuous model, which is solved by an
	efficient upwind finite element discretization. As characteristic
	for the class of multiscale image processing methods, we can in advance
	select a suitable scale for representing the flow field.},
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