[1] S. Conti, M. Lenz, and M. Rumpf. Macroscopic behaviour of magnetic shape-memory polycrystals and polymer composites. In 7th European Symposium on Martensitic Transformations and Shape Memory Alloys, volume 481-482 of Materials Science and Engineering: A, pages 351-355, 2008.
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Single crystals of magnetic shape-memory materials display a large spontaneous deformation in response to an applied magnetic field. In polycrystalline material samples the effect is frequently inhibited by incompatibilities at grain boundaries. This motivates technological interest in textured polycrystals and composites of single-crystal magnetic shape-memory particles embedded in a soft polymer matrix. We use a continuum model based on elasticity and micromagnetism to study the induced macroscopic material behavior in dependence of such mesoscopic structures via numerical simulation in two dimensions.