[1] U. Clarenz, M. Rumpf, and A. Telea. Finite elements on point based surfaces. In Eurographics Symposium of Point Based Graphics, 2004.
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We present a framework for processing point-based surfaces via partial differential equations (PDEs). Our framework ef ciently and effectively brings well-known PDE-based processing techniques to the eld of point-based surfaces. Our method is based on the construction of local tangent planes and a local Delaunay triangulation of adjacent points projected onto this plane. The de nition of tangent spaces relies on moment-based computation with proven scaling and stability properties. Once local couplings are obtained, we are able to easily assemble PDE-specific mass and stiffness matrices and solve corresponding linear systems by standard iterative solvers. We demonstrate our framework by different classes of PDE-based surface processing applications, such as texture synthesis and processing, geometric fairing, and segmentation.