Minimal Surface Library

Minimal surfaces are those with mean curvature zero. In this library you will find some of the well known classical and some new examples of complete minimal surfaces. Each example is provided with one ore more pictures and a short description of its mathematical properties. All minimal surfaces in this library are tessellated by a so called "fundamental domain" of the surface. This piece comes from the symmetry-group i.e. application of the symmetries to the fundamental domain creates the complete surface.

Most of the surfaces can be deformed interactively with GRAPE. Also you can see a lot of these surface deformations in the movie Touching Soap Films (Palast der Seifenhäute).

All surfaces in this library are represented by Weierstrass data and computed by the project Amandus of GRAPE. Martin Steffens and Christian Teitzel have designed these information pages and the package of data files (see Download Package and Manuals).

Pictures of this minimal surface library may be used by other scientific sites on request from the address mentioned below only. If you use material from this library in some publication, you have to make reference to GRAPE and this Minimal Surface Library. For further information send an e-mail to, or

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